Nationally recognized speak Mike Moyer will show attendees how to turn their presentations into exciting events filled with passion and conviction at the 2016 GroBiz Conference and Idea Expo in Gillette, Wyoming.

If you’re planning out your business travel plans for the year and are looking for a good conference to start off 2016 right, then consider the Gro-Biz Conference and Idea Expo February 17 through 18 in Gillette, Wyoming.  


This year’s Gro-Biz brings nationally recognized speaker Mike Moyer to the Cowboy State.


Mike Moyer


Moyer is a career entrepreneur and the author of several business-related books including Slicing Pie: Funding Your Company Without Funds, and Trade Show Samurai. 

Where to see Moyer at Gro-Biz 2016

  • Keynote address: “Slicing Pie” will present a formula for creating a perfect equity split in bootstrapped startups. It’s the only model that guarantees that every founder, investor, partner and employee gets exactly what they deserve…no more and no less!


  • Break out session: Pitch Ninja: Persuasive Pitching and Presenting.  This session teaches business people how to properly “choreograph” their presentation for incredible impact.  Attendees will learn about everything from proper eye contact to the right tone of voice to what to do with your hands in each of three presentation “zones” including intimacy, excitement and information. This seminar is ideal for entrepreneurs, sales people or anyone who gives formal presentations to a business audience.


Why he’s a big deal – Using the Pitch Ninja program, Mike has taught lots of teams how to win and how to sell. His clients have raised millions and generated millions in revenue. Mike has personally raised millions for his own projects. 


If you have some free time…

Check out Moyer’s YouTube channel, which has recording of his past seminars.  Check out his video called, “Present a Business Plan with Mike Moyer’s Super Awesome Presentation Zone Program”, because anything with “super awesome” in the title is always worth watching. 


What is the Gro-Biz and Idea Expo?


The GRO-Biz Conference & Idea Expo is Wyoming’s Premier Business Conference.  It is a two-track event that creates a one-of-a-kind environment in which business owners, aspiring entrepreneurs, business resources, government agencies, and elected officials network and foster economic growth.


The Gro-Biz Conference tracks provides Wyoming businesses contracting opportunities with the state and federal government.  Sessions offer tips on bidding and securing contracts along with networking time to develop professional relationships with state and federal contracting office staff.


The Idea Expo focuses on small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs. This track provides a direct link to Wyoming’s business resources; experts in marketing, finance, and human resources, and the chance to network with peers statewide.


For more information or to register for the event, please visit the GroBiz registration website.  A copy of the agenda is available on the website. 


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