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Is 2009 the Year of the Coupon for Websites?

Jan 21, 2009

According to Google, since 2004 the word "coupon" used as a web search term, has increased 257%.  Wow, that's good to know!  As an eCommerce specialist, I frequently recommend to my clients that they use web coupons in their promotional/marketing strategy.


As a Wyoming small business, placing coupons on your website is a fairly inexpensive way to promote your business online.  If you can develop a culture of coupons within your clients, as in they check your site periodically for a coupon, you have arrived, since these coupon-seeking clients will certainly share this information with others.


Practical E-Commerce has an article on the subject which you can read by going HERE.


The article mentions some great strategies like using coupons with RSS feeds so your followers will receive them automatically.


That is a great idea, but it simply placing a coupon on your homepage, and a different one every week, is an easy and should be effective place to start.


Don't have a program with which to build coupons?  Try Coupon Builder or Coupons Ready.


Or, search for a "Free Coupon Template" at a search engine, and you will find something in the public domain like the coffee coupon below.


Don't have a website?  Try Facebook or a Blog; it's free!


Good luck and take advantage of the year of the coupon...2009.

Mark Atkinson

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