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Mar 14, 2014

What ever happened to customer service?  I hear people complain about it quite a bit, but I also occasionally hear about a great service experience, so it does still exist.  It seems like everyone and their uncle offers training on this topic, from chambers of commerce to community colleges, yet it doesn’t seem to improve.  The irony in my experience with workshops about improving service, is that the people who tend to sign up are the ones that already get it and provide good service in their establishments.  It’s the folks that really need it that you never see… 


I read recently in a newsletter that according to a study by the research firm CRMGuru, the main reasons customers leave a business is not because of price or the fact their needs have changed, but rather because of bad service (75%) or poor quality (52%).  This statistic should clearly tell us that we need to do better.  But how?


I believe the place to start is in the hiring process.  Owners or managers should first look to hire the right personality for the position being filled.  If it is a front-line clerk or salesperson, they need to be friendly and able to engage the customer in a professional manner.  You can train them to “do the job”, but you can’t usually change their demeanor.  Also, spell out the expectations right from the start and if they can’t live with the guidelines you expect, keep looking.  Spending the time up-front will pay off in the long run.


If you wish to visit with someone about this or other human resource issues, contact your local SBDC office for guidance.


How do you make sure your people re providing the best service possible, or do you?!

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Bruce Morse

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