Strategies for Writing Blog Posts

Mar 24, 2014

There are certain strategies that you can use when writing blog posts.   If you are looking to attract more people to your pages, then do a little research and find out where your desired audience is spending time and what they are talking about.  Is your business particularly technology driven, or food driven, or tourism driven?  Then sit down and make a list of things that you want people to know about your industry and formulate posts around these topics.   Making posts related to your industry will make you the expert.  People will love you, and they will have more confidence in your products and services because they come from someone who is really knowledgeable and cares about bringing them the very best.  For example, if you are in the food industry, there are many topics being written about around healthy living, wellness ingredients, additives, flavor-enhancers and many other things related to food.



Another strategy you can use is to study posts of leaders in your industry.  For example, if you are in the sports apparel business, study the pages of leaders in this industry.  What are they doing to attract attention?  What kind of content are they putting on their Facebook pages?  A quick look reveals that these businesses are posting informational articles about what is new in the industry.  They are posting about new apparel fabrics and new bow technology.  They also have photo contests such as cutest dog and best sports action shot.  This kind of interaction with customers builds relationships.



You can also draw customers to your pages using the “spokes on a wheel” strategy.  Your business is the hub in the center.   All of the spokes are topics that may be of interest to your customers.  This strategy widens the net and draws in customers from the fringes.   When you write about those topics that may be of interest to your customers, you bring them in in a different way. When they find out you are have interests other than your business, you become personal to them.  For example, suppose you are in the food business and your specialty is an ethnic dish.  It’s hot and fresh cooked onsite at the farmers market and you do a little catering on the side.  You get to talk to a lot of people while cooking at the market and you find out that your customers are also interested in bike riding, hunting, fishing, guns, the outdoors, skiing, other ethnic foods and global tourism.  Now you have LOTS of content for your blog and your Facebook page.  Write about these things that are of interest to your customers.  There is a lot of information being written on these topics that is not hard to find.  And for an added twist, take videos when you can.   Short videos taken with your phone when you are out and about will really help to personalize your pages and draw people in.



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