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Mar 21, 2014

Writing is a very big part of what the online experience is about. Well written, edited content is essential for the success of any website.  You always want to make it easy for the reader to find and read content. Concise writing for the web can be a challenge.  It is easy to write and write with no particular reader in mind.  But usually, nobody reads this kind of content.  Instead of writing all about your product, focus on answering the question, “What’s in it for me, the customer?”  Why should I buy your product?  People are usually on the web because they are looking for something.  A specific need usually drives customers to start searching.  Make it easy for them to find solutions.



Start by reviewing your content to see if it is easy to scan.  People don’t read web pages so much anymore; they scan them.  They scroll and click until they find what they need.  They look for hyperlinks, numbers and keywords.  They look for headings and subheadings in your paragraphs. 


Newspapers and magazines do a great job with headlines.  Study some of these headlines and see how they hook readers into scanning the whole article for more information.  Remember that people are looking for specific things so the more efficiently you can do that, the better your headings will work.



Research has shown that people usually use one or two keywords as they type words into the search box.  So give special attention to the keywords as you write your headings and subheadings.  Are you using keywords that people will be typing into the box to find you?



Another issue with content is paragraph length.  About 50 words is a good length.  Have a sub-heading for every few paragraphs.  Also remember that long sentences are hard to read online.  Make them short and to the point.



When you’re done, review your content answering these questions: is this clear, is there a simpler way to say this, is there a shorter way to say this, and finally, is this necessary?

Then, ask someone who knows almost nothing about your products to review your content.  Did they learn anything about what you do?  How easy was it to figure out?




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