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How to Improve Workplace Efficiency

Dec 22, 2017


Increasing workplace flow and decreasing waste will help your organization realize real profitable growth. The 5S method can be invaluable for reducing waste and increasing organization cleanliness to turn your workplace into a high-performing workplace:


  1. Sort – Distinguish between necessary and unnecessary things. Remove items not used in the work area by classifying all equipment and materials by frequency of use to help decide if it should be removed.
  2. Straighten – A place for everything and everything in its place. Engage the practice of orderly storage so the right item can be picked efficiently at the right time.
  3. Shine – Create a clean worksite without garbage, dirt and dust, and keep equipment and tools in clean condition so leaks, spills and other problems can be easily identified.
  4. Standardize – Establish standards for a neat, clean, workplace. Make work areas consistent with one another so any abnormalities are visible to employees and management.
  5. Sustain – Develop behaviors and habits to maintain the established standards over the long term and make workplace organization the key to profitable growth.


Increasing workplace efficiency by incorporating the 5S method into your daily work will bring immediate, incremental improvement.


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Matt Melinkovich started Timberline Training to educate and empower you with tools for success.  As a certified Innovation Growth Coach, a level two Family Business Advisor, and a Franklin Covey Speed of Trust facilitator, Matthew brings a wealth of knowledge and business experience on the topics of efficiency, innovation, leadership, and trust. 


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