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Affordable Marketing Tips

Dec 08, 2008

I picked these ideas out of a newsletter from Rhonda Abrams, President and CEO of The Planning Shop.


Right now, with the economy in a slump —you need to capture every customer you can. That means you need to keep marketing, without it costing a fortune. Studies have shown that companies that keep up their marketing even when the economy is in trouble emerge much healthier and with bigger market share when the economy improves.


So —here’s this month’s tip: KEEP MARKETING! Of course, you’ve got to find ways to market that you can afford. Fortunately, when we developed our newest book Successful Marketing: Secrets & Strategies —>we placed the greatest emphasis on affordable marketing.

In this issue, we’ve listed a few tricks of where to look for affordable options in marketing. We cover these tactics – and many more —in-depth in our new step-by-step guide—Successful Marketing: Secrets & Strategies.

Traditional Advertising —Print, Radio, TV advertising

This is what most people think of when they hear the word “marketing” print, radio, and TV advertising. But it doesn’t have to be national TV or even the local city-wide newspaper. Instead, focus tightly on your target market, and consider these less-expensive options:  

  • Local newsletters (think of church, community, even condo associations)
  • Community newspapers (especially free, give-away papers)
  • Local or regional special interest publications
  • College or local public radio or TV stations


Another hint: for any type of traditional advertising, ask for “remnant” space which is typically sold at deep discounts.  

Person-to-Person Marketing

Small businesses know that one-to-one marketing—what we often think of as “word of mouth” drives most of our sales. But word-of-mouth doesn’t just happen; you’ve got to work to get people talking about you. Here are some proven, less expensive choices:

  • Networking: Attend every holiday party you can, especially business and community groups. Bring your card and a friend to boast about you!


Customer loyalty programs: Reward those clients and customers who do business with you regularly by offering discounts and perks.


Online Marketing 

  • Social networking: start participating in online “communities”especially those appealing to your target market. This is really cheap— in fact, it’s free!
  • Search engine optimization: Help increase the number of visitors to your website by making sure as many people as possible find your site in search engine results. Learn some tricks in Successful  Marketing: Secrets & Strategies.
  • Blogs: Writing a blog can take a lot of time, but if you’re an expert in a field, it can provide visibility and drive traffic to you. But you can also become a regular contributor to discussions on a successful blog appealing to your target market —which takes a fraction of the time and still brings you attention.


Sampling, Signs, & Other Marketing

  • Advertising specialty items: You know all those trinkets you get from companiespens, mugs, calendars? They’re advertising that sticks around. And they’re typically a lot cheaper than even one radio or newspaper ad. And the holidays are a perfect time to give them.
  • Sampling is one of the least expensive ways to get your product or service out there. Yes, even services can be offered as a free trial or limited free sample. One of the least expensive —and most effective —marketing techniques! 

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