Am I relating to customers on my website?

May 25, 2012

When we think about communicating with customers on a website, we have to think about different learning styles. Does your website take into consideration different types of customers? There are usually three kinds of learners; visual people learn by seeing, auditory folks learn by hearing and kinesthetic types learn by doing.

Websites should be able to relate to all three types of learners because visitors to your website will gravitate to the parts of your site that match their learning style. Visual learners will like to see things like color coding, charts, photos, maps or video clips. Auditory learners will lean towards audio clips, oral instructions, sound bites or even live phone support. Kinesthetic folks are enticed by interactive maps or games.


If you have an e-commerce site, this means addressing these different kinds of learners by doing things like using detailed pictures or diagrams of your products for visual learners. Include a video for a product overview for auditory folks. For the hands on types, have lots of options that allow them to interact with product like choosing sizes or colors.


Your images are also an important part of communicating with your customers. They should relate to the content on the page, but more importantly, they should reinforce your marketing message. As you think about adding images to your pages, ask yourself what is in the image for the customer? What did it help the customer do? If the answer is not very much, then rethink having it on your website.


Personalize your site by using real images of your business. This means avoiding the use of stock art for your graphics. Also, rethink using flash as it is often annoying and slows loading speeds.


As an alternative to images, think about adding some short videos that show your product in action. Explain to customers how it works and how it will benefit them. Oftentimes, videos can do a better job of connecting with customers than static images.


The goal of your site is to build relationships with people so try to integrate learning styles and images into your website to that end. Your website can either help or hurt your business. It can be an asset or a liability. Use it to the max to communicate with your customers and grow your business.

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