Are Websites Becoming Obsolete?

Oct 03, 2008

Wyoming has helped numerous clients with their websites and we usually suggest developing one for those who haven’t already. It’s difficult to survive without a presence on the web, but here’s a sobering thought:


Your website may be one of the last places customers look to find out about you.


Consider the old business adage about word of mouth marketing – dissatisfied customers tell many, many more people about their experience with a business, right? That idea still applies, but now on a vastly larger scale. With social networking and customer review sites like Facebook and Yelp, one negative experience with your business can reach thousands of people instantly. Social media has given everyone the power to publicize their opinions, and to say people enjoy publicizing their opinions would be an understatement.


Let’s think about this hypothetical scenario:


I love eating out (and who doesn’t?) and want to find a restaurant in Casper. I can Google “restaurants Casper WY" and visit each establishment's individual website, but I know the only distinguishing information I’ll really learn from that is menus and pricing. Aside from that, each site will brag about atmosphere and customer service and probably include a few raving testimonials from satisfied customers. So, as far as I know, they're all incredible.


Being a savvy consumer, though, I can also visit Google Maps and quickly get a list of different options with instant access to customer reviews of each restaurant – not to mention I can look at the map and easily find the location closest to me. Within a few seconds I can be on Yelp reading more anecdotes about each place. If all this information doesn’t satisfy me, I can also go to my favorite social networking site and ask my thousands of friends (a guy can dream) for their opinions, too. The point is that without even visiting a business’s official website, I can learn just as much (if not more) about it.


(And by the way, that wasn’t a hypothetical scenario. I’ve done it.)


The thing to remember is that your customers have more options than ever and they know it. What’s more, they know where to find out what other people are saying about you. You can no longer rely on them seeking you out and listening to your message (i.e. going straight to your website), you have to go where they're already talking about you and participate in the conversation.


For more information about the Wyoming Network, please visit our website…oh come on, you had to see that one coming.


Where do you go when you want to learn about a company or talk about your experience with it? What other resources do we have to utilize this new word of mouth marketing?

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