Are you using keywords to their fullest?

Oct 06, 2009

In my last article, I talked about the importance of linking strategies in web optimization.  Second in importance to links are keywords.  I know this term gets used and abused a lot, but it is still a top-ranking web strategy for online sites.  The most common problem I see with businesses and organizations is that they are not implementing keyword strategies to improve rankings and visibility.  For example, I recently ran across an article highlighting the need for universities to be more SEO savvy, Best College Sites Named, Sep 2009.

Competition has never been more fierce for enrollment dollars; especially with online universities growing at a fast pace.  And yet, most educational institutions do not implement SEO strategies as they build or rebuild their websites.  They often make the mistake of thinking people will find them using only their brand name.  Institutions need to research how people are searching for higher education products and services.  What words are they typing into the box to find college and program information?  What if they are looking for a specific program and not an institution name?  What if they are comparison shopping for MBA or PhD programs?  What if they are searching for general registration, research library, online course, admissions or international information?  All of these words should be included as keywords.  And don’t leave out the typical program names like biology, business, fine arts, nursing and agriculture.


You can test the effectiveness of your keywords by using a web analytics tool such as Google Analytics.  Google’s is a free tool and it provides lots of quantitative data that will answer many questions such as:


Having this kind of data will be invaluable as you move forward in your SEO strategies.  The great part about websites is that they are always dynamic and can be changed at the click of a mouse, resulting in more visitors to your site.


This is just one example of how keyword strategies are not being used to their fullest capacity.   The one described above can be used for any business.  How is your website doing?  Do you know?   The Market Research Center can help answer these questions.  Elizabeth Parks  307-766-5405

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