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Business Partnering

Feb 03, 2009

One marketing technique I have seen more of recently is what I’ll call Business Partnering. Basically this means working together with another business to bring exposure to both. This can be a similar business, maybe even a competitor, or a complimentary business that doesn’t seem to have anything in common at first glance. I’ll give you a couple recent examples I’ve seen. I heard about two clothing businesses located about a block apart that went together to have a joint sale and shared the cost of the advertising. It drove business to both locations for about half the cost. How about a florist and candy store that went together to create gift baskets of both flowers and candy and had them for sale in both locations. The most recent example is a brochure I received from an orthodontist. On the front cover of this brochure is a photograph of a lovely young lady with a beautiful smile created by Dr. “Smith”. Under the photo is a statement saying “Photo courtesy of Dr. Smith’s patient, Megan”, then naming the photography studio. What creative partnerships you can put to work for your business? Share them here so others can benefit as well.

Bruce Morse

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Bruce Morse

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