Creating a Facebook Page: Easy & Free!

Sep 19, 2010

Recently, a client asked assistance to create a Facebook Page. It actually is pretty easy, however there are many issues that can make it seem complex.


First of all, creating a Facebook Page is FREE! If you already have a personal account it is simple. There are several approaches, one of the easiest, is to visit a page. Located near the bottom of a page, is a link to “Create a Page for My Business.” The next decision is to choose a category for your Page: Local; Brand, product or organization; Artist, band or public figure. Consider carefully, because you can’t change your decision later.


Next consider your Page Name. The name you choose will appear as the title for your Page and will appear on all wall posts, comments, etc. Most likely you already understand the importance of a name and logos for branding purposes. Next, you will need to check the box that you are the official representative of this business and you have the opportunity to read/review the Facebook Terms, which I recommend you read.


Add Content to your Page. Be sure to add your business logo or photo, complete the “Information” categories, such as your website url, location, phone number, etc. Simply click “Publish this Page” when you are ready to go “global.” You can always edit information later. Once your page is live, post a message on your wall and continue to provide activity on a regular basis. If you use Twitter or have a blog, you will want these messages to feed into your Facebook Page as well. Post information that invite others to comment. Posts should contain intriguing, interesting information. Be sure to respond to comments. Your page is your opportunity to build relationships with clients and potential clients.


This is just the beginning! As you get more involved with your page, you will have more questions. For now you should be focusing on getting the word out about your page. Whereas people “friend” your personal account, you want people to “like” your page. For advanced assistance, I recommend using Facebook’s Help Center and to “like” their Page (, where you will find lots of helpful information. There are numerous books and information on the Internet. Readers share your experiences with Facebook Pages.

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