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Feb 12, 2010

A friend asks me, “I design and sell jewelry, do I really need a business plan? I have tried several times to write one, but can’t get past the first sentence.” This is a timely question as I am currently reading a book by Lisa Sonora Beam The Creative Entrepreneur.


Beam defines creative entrepreneurs in this way: “…the person inclined to do work that is their own expression. I believe everyone has creative gifts, but what I mean here is the creatively oriented personality.” Beam uses a process called “visual journaling” to make business ideas real. This is a creative process to write a business plan (my words) in a manner that makes sense to you.


Business plans are very important and simply put--a business plan is a road map of where you want to go and how you will get there. Writing a business plan is hard enough, but for the right-brained entrepreneur, it may be especially difficult.


Who says that business plans have to be black & white! They can be in color, they can have expressive pictures, they can be a collage of pictures, they can be a pictorial map, and they could even utilize stickers or three dimensional objects. They could even be worn (I have been asked to create my business plan on a jacket)! Very untraditional formats, yes! But, I believe it is more important to have a plan of some kind, than none at all. However you choose to write your business plan, approach it in a manner that excites you to work on your business.


There are several communities or networks for creative individuals hosted on social media sites. They provide support and endless networking opportunities. I have listed just a few, (too many to list here):


Beam’s website: http://www.The Creative 

A couple of groups on ning: &

Creativity Champions, a group on Linkedin


Do you belong to an artist community or network online or a have a favorite website or blog to recommend? Tell us about it!

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