Developing a Facebook Content Strategy for Your Business Page

Apr 19, 2013

You clicked on a tab “Create a Page” and answered all the questions. You uploaded an eye-catching Timeline cover photo and you uploaded your logo for your smaller profile photo. You may have even posted a couple of well-crafted posts on your wall and invited family and friends to like your newly created business page on Facebook.  Staff photos debbie recd 8 18 10 medium

Now What?

Keep in mind what a page is all about. It isn’t about sell, sell, sell! Selling is secondary on social media. Social media is about relationships. Build a relationship with customers and potential customers. Personalize and humanize your page. People trust others when there is a personal connection.

Be sure you understand who buys your products or uses your services. If you are still unclear who is  your typical customer, contact the Market Research Center-307-766-2688. They will provide you a profile of a typical client. The more you know who your customer is, the better you can target your social media posts.

Spend some time to develop a content strategy plan. It doesn’t have to be an elaborate plan, just a bulleted list to use as a guide for you and staff.  You want to post information that will make an impact or provide value to your readers. The ideas below give generic topics. Provide the information as you would speak to a good friend; Be yourself, be open and honest.  Limit your posts to around 80-100 characters; readers want quick information. As time goes on, posting on your wall will become more comfortable and easier.

Some content ideas:
•    Provide education about your product and services.
•    Provide industry information: trends, what’s new, resources, etc.
•    Announce successes: awards, certifications, newspaper/magazine reviews, etc.
•    Highlight or spotlight customers you have worked with, who love your business, etc.
•    Post photos and videos whenever possible
•    Announce when you will be attending trade shows, festivals or volunteer efforts/causes.
•    Post workshops, webinars and classes.
•    Post something unique or creative every week. Give readers a reason to check your page every week.

What strategies do you utilize on your page?

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