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Doing Business in Rural Places

Oct 16, 2008

I co-wrote a blog post with Becky McCray from Small Biz Survival called 14 Tips for Really Rural Businesses. I mention working from remote places in Wyoming. In 2004 and 2005, I worked from my RV while living in Lander and working in Riverton. I was always looking for ways to save time, money and stay connected.


Some tips we mention...


3. Stock up on car chargers. Even when house power went out - particularly in my RV - I could rev up the engine and power up my essential tools and gadgets including computer and mobile devices. Invest in a USB car charger to charge your handhelds such as the SynCh from Malleable Devices.

9. Take advantage of small town friendliness to find your local support services. For example, who will receive a package for you? Besides the office supply, where can you make a quick photocopy? In my town, you could try the library, the post office, or the bank.  Think about what services you are likely to need, before you need them.

11. Consider your business insurance coverage. Rates can be cheaper in rural areas, so don’t just ignore it. Especially consider general liability to protect you from many different risks and equipment coverage to replace any business equipment, because home owner’s insurance typically won’t cover it.

13. Have local utilities or cooperatives? Ask what business services or consulting they provide. You might be surprised!



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