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eBay Boxes for Christmas

Dec 03, 2008

Free Boxes for Selling on eBay

Selling items on eBay for Christmas this year?  You can get free boxes for shipping Priority with the US Postal Service (USPS) and have them mailed right to your home.  Go here to order them; they even have shoe boxes:


Keep in mind that the flat rate boxes are shipped with a flat rate regardless of weight.  In other words, the small flat rate box costs $10 to ship something in even if it weighs only a few ounces.  On the bright side, you can send something heavy for only $10 (prices do change sometimes) as long as it fits in the box.


eBay's USPS Shipping Zone on

Also, eBay has a USPS page on their site where you can buy labels and other supplies.

Link: USPS Shipping Zone

*Note that you need to be a registered eBay user to order the boxes.


Free eBay Counseling with Wyoming Entrepreneur

Finally, need help with eBay?  I can help you for free through couseling.  If you are not close to Rock Springs no problem as we can setup a web meeting where I can demonstrate to you on your computer while we talk on the phone, how to register as a seller, post items, edit photos, etc.

Contact me HERE to sign up for free eBay counseling.

What Sells on eBay

While we do not endorse this company the gentleman in the video has some salient ideas for conducting research about what to sell on eBay.


Merry Christmas and Happy Selling on eBay!


Mark Atkinson

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