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Explore the Metaverse in Video

Sep 29, 2009

What is a metaverse?  Many definitions, but it is basically the virtual universe that is here now, and about to explode much further.  3-D multi-user virtual environments, like Second Life, are leading the way.  To me, the most important contributions in the metaverse are educational.  The video mostly shows the night club scene, which clouds reality (no pun intended) somewhat.  At least mine.

There has recently been another major breakthrough in metaverse technology.  It is found at the site called Exit Reality (  Their technology makes websites appear in 3-D, which can then be explored with an avatar.  While this is a first generation software, its signifiance should not be underestimated and its influence will prove seminal.

Enjoy the original music and be blown away by all that is happening in the young, yet growing metaverse.  And remember, it is higher education that is leading the way with meaningful content, IMHO.



Mark Atkinson

Category: Web/Tech

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