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Failed Social Media Resolution? Oh no!

Feb 01, 2011

I ignored a question I was asked regarding how to begin using social media in a business. (how rude!)  It’s not that I don’t have an opinion on how or where to begin integrating social media into a business but the question related the task to her New Year’s resolution and she feared she would “fail again” - that’s what caught my attention.  In my opinion, and I know it’s been said; resolutions go by the wayside because we fail to plan.  Well, other reasons have been explored and argued but to me, planning is key. 


Whether it’s a New Year resolution or not, when something new is proposed or started in a business, you have to have a plan.  Just the thought of where to begin can be overwhelming, especially if the task is new to you.   In this case, making a change in how to market your business or communicate with your customers through social media is huge and demands a purpose and a plan of action.  A plan of action will break the task or resolution down into manageable parts.  There are so many social media options available, there is bound to be a struggle with how to start the project. However, taking the time to develop a plan can identify why you’re venturing this direction and break the large task down into smaller, less intimidating parts. A plan will assist in making reasonable goals and timelines, and it can identify the benefits of your proposed actions and demonstrate that it is worth pursuing.  (Oh, by the way, to help develop a plan, visit with an advisor at Wyoming Entrepreneur.)


So, I know there are experts out there that can give advice on how to begin using social media in a business and better yet, I bet businesses can demonstrate how they started, the challenges and benefits they have experienced, and the process they followed.  We (Kate who asked the question and I) would love to hear your thoughts. 

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Jill Kline

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