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Financial Health Check-up 2.0

Sep 18, 2009

About two years ago, Wyoming Entrepreneur.Biz rolled out a program called a Financial Health Check-up that uses a combination of computer software and our internal experience in the area of financial analysis to help business owners feel more comfortable with their financial reports.  Many, in fact most, business owners would rather sell their service or manufacture their product then spend time looking at numbers.  However they also realize that it is important to the long term success of their enterprise.


Our program consists of a computer analysis of the historical financial data that will compare a local business to others in the industry as well as look at trends within the business itself.  The result is an easy-to-read narrative report that can be viewed by the owner or with the assistance of an SBDC counselor.


Another aspect of this program is the ability to do some forecasting and see what the financial picture might look like if certain changes were implemented.  With any projection there are lots of variables and uncertainty, but at least it gives the business a place to start.  To learn more about this FREE service, contact Bruce Morse at 800-383-0371 or via e-mail at

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Bruce Morse

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