Five Social Media Time Savers

Jan 29, 2010

I hear lots of comments that social media takes too much time. For a small business owner it could very well be time worth spending. Don’t think of social media as replacing your current marketing strategies, but rather enhancing and increasing visibility to a viral audience.


Basic services for most social media sites are free. Traditional advertising can be quite expensive, so stretching your wings to try social media sites will not cost you anything except your time, which is valuable. So I have listed five time saving strategies to get you going.


Five time savers for social media marketing:


1. Don’t try to engage in more than 1 or 2 social media sites in the beginning. The learning curve is high in the beginning, and you could become too frustrated.

2. Establish a routine every week. Schedule approximately 10-15 minutes 2-3 times a week. With practice and experience you will set a pace that works for you. If you don’t schedule the time in a calendar then it won’t become a routine and you risk abandoning all efforts.

3. Subscribe to social media blogs or follow people who are experts in social media. This will cut down your learning curve and you will learn about best practices and new applications more quickly. (Mashable is one of my favorites with an easy newsletter format:

4. Utilize sites that work together. Your tweets can be set up to feed directly into your Facebook page. Many sites are set up this way. If you have a blog, your posts can automatically feed into many sites as well.

5. Networking through social media sites provides a personal touch to hundreds, even thousands of people with just a click on the keyboard. Social media allows you to share your thoughts about your product, your business, even your family to gain that personal connection and trust that builds relationships.


Don’t give up too quickly. Commit to 30-45 days to really learn and use a social media site.


These are time savers that helped me. List your best practice or time saver to share with readers.

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