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Go Green, Travel Green and save money for your business!

Jun 19, 2009

Are you one of the many business travelers in Wyoming? Do you spend a lot of time in hotels and on the road? Do you participate in “Going Green” practices? We all should!

During my travels in Wyoming I have become aware of possibilities for traveling “green.” After some research, I found ideas for making business travel more eco-friendly. Reducing the impact we have on our environment as individuals and businesses, we not only save money and resources, we help keep our state and our world beautiful.


Try these tips to Traveling Green in Wyoming:

1.  Make sure that the travel is even necessary! With the current challenges in the economy, use technology in lieu of travel whenever possible.  There are many options for virtual collaboration and training that enable you to work with clients and partners around the world from the comfort of your own office.

2. When airline travel is necessary, pack as lightly as possible; take only the necessities. This saves fuel and extra baggage charges. Also, try to stay away from travel size toiletries unless you can refill them; small containers create excess trash.

3.  Consolidate trips by either carpooling with a co-worker or traveling with a business partner. When two trips are close together, combine them. Why not? It saves on time, money, and the environment. This can be especially rewarding if you can find a way to combine business and pleasure trips.

4. Try driving the speed limit; relax and enjoy the trip.  You will reduce the chance of an accident, increase your gas mileage, and save money! Each 5 mph a vehicle travels over 60 mph, costs an extra 20 cents per gallon in gas. Learn more by visiting

5. Look for hotels that are incorporating green practices. Although this may be a fairly new concept in some areas, the more people who ask hotels about their commitment to sustainability when making reservations, the more they will engage in the concept. In return, this will make their business more profitable, up-to-date, attractive, and benefit the environment.  No matter where you stay, we can “Green our Stay” by maximizing our resources; take shorter showers, unplug electronics when they’re not in use, or use the same bar of soap at the sink and in the shower.


Resources are limited and although we can’t just put an end to all business travel, we can act responsibly in the “Going Green” concept. These are just a few efforts we can make while traveling. For more green travel tips visit “Go Green Travel Green” at Go Green! Save some Green!


What are some other ideas you may have to travel green?

Natasha Stahla


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