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Guerilla Marketing: Leveraging Social Media to Market on a Shoestring

Oct 09, 2008

Jason Kintzler, PitchEngine, Riverton, WY
Presentation Notes

Social media
Internet based tools for sharing and discussing information among human beings. The term most often refers to activities that integrate technology, social interaction, and the construction of words, pictures, videos and audio.

Not another channel of marketing.

A whole other aspect – it is a new method.

Typically it has been Push Push Push to people.

Social media is largely due to the Internet and people sharing things faster than ever before, ability for them to engage back and forth.



YouTube – 10% of all internet traffic (Ellacoya Networks)
YouTube & Wikipedia among top brands (
Five of top 10 sites are social (alexa)
Over 100 million blogs exist (technorati)
120,000 new blogs launched every day (technorati)
One million posts per day (17 per second) (technorati)

Social Networks
Content Creation and Sharing
RSS Feeds
RSS Feed Readers


Traditional Marketing:

Brand – markets newspaper, internet, radio
to People

We are in the business of connecting with consumers.


New Marketing:

Brand – media, social media, people – more interactive

People trust other people more than they trust you, the brand.

Social media – Let consumers market the product for you.

What if my product isn't cool?
Your brand has a story. Your consumers know why they choose your product. Reach out to them and you might be surprised. What is your connection to your consumer.


To engage in social media:

1.Listen & Monitor - twittersearch
2.Strategy & Content
3.Share & Engage

Your brand or product will be talked about. You can choose not to participate, but the benefits will come from being involved in the conversation.


Ask yourself:
1.will you tell the truth?
2.will you tell good news and bad?
3.will you use a human voice (not marketing buzz)
4.will you have thick skin?
5.If you screw up, will you acknowledge it – quickly?
6.if you don't have the answers, will you say so?
7.will you vow to never hide information?
8.will you say nice things about your competitors?
9.will you treat everyone in the social media space with respect?


Strategy & Content
What is valued by your consumers? Creating useful and valuable content specific to your end consumer is critical.
What makes their lives better?


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