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Has your CCR Profile disappeared!?!

Apr 20, 2011

The CCR is the Central Contractor Registration. It is a mandatory registration for all businesses to work with the government. In order to register on CCR you must first obtain a DUNS (Data Universal Numbering System) number, you can do so by calling 866.705.5711. The DUNS number does not cost anything and will be given to you over the phone. Within 24-48 hours the number will be activated and you can continue to the next step, the CCR. For help completing the CCR contact the Wyoming Entrepreneur PTAC at and click on the PTAC button on the bottom left.


Once you have your CCR completed it is important to keep it up to date. What this means is to make sure that the current bank information, address, email, phone number, etc. are correctly entered. Having the incorrect bank information etc., can delay payment on your contract and possibly prevent you from being awarded a contract.


Keeping your CCR updated also means updating it annually. This is a requirement of the CCR database. If you do not update your CCR annually your registration will become inactive.


Recently there has been a change with the CCR database. In the past, if your registration were to become inactive, the businesses CCR profile was still searchable in the CCR database. The search would come up as an inactive registration but would include the CCR profile that provided the businesses information. Now, if you let your CCR go inactive your businesses registration and information will not come up when it is searched. This is a big change and can cause for lost exposure of your business when contracting officers are in CCR looking for your business or a businesses in your industry.


To see if your CCR is active you can go to the CCR website and click on “CCR Search,” enter your DUNS number and hit the search button.  If your CCR has disappeared and you would like to update your registration you will need to log in to your CCR account and make the appropriate updates. For assistance in this process you may contact the Wyoming Entrepreneur PTAC and they will guide you through the steps to an active and updated CCR profile. Any questions or comments can be emailed to


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