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Important Updates and Deadlines for All Businesses Involved in Government Contracting that are Required to Register in the Central Contractor Registration Database

Nov 20, 2009

The Central Contractor Registration database is the Federal Government’s directory of small businesses pursuing government contracts. They are in the final stages of requiring all users, who initially registered or renewed their CCR profiles prior to December 21, 2008, to update their user logins to usernames and passwords.   If you access the system using your Trading Partner Identification Number (TPIN) and Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS) number between December 21, 2008 and December 21, 2009, you will be prompted to create a new password, which you will then use for logging into the CCR system in the future.  This is definitely the easiest way to accomplish this mandatory transition.  The benefit of this is that once created, passwords can be individually controlled and updated.  Two other helpful changes to the CCR include that a CCR maintainer is now able to update multiple DUNS numbers from one sign on, and that users can create additional CCR maintainers that are not among the organization’s official points of contact.


Don’t wait until after December 21, 2009 to try to log in and update your profile, you will no longer be able to log in with your TPIN and DUNS number, and you will be locked out of the system.  To get back into CCR, you will have to contact the Federal Service Desk.  This may involve spending a long period of time on the telephone on hold, waiting for assistance, and is not recommended.


The good news is that assisting with CCR registrations and updates is one of the many free and confidential services that the Wyoming PTAC team offers.  We have software that enables us to be on the phone with you and see your computer screen at the same time, so we can walk you through a CCR registration or update mouse-click-by-mouse click.   Our PTAC procurement counselors also have access to a PTAC-only CCR hotline, staffed by high-level customer service representatives who can help resolve any challenges you may be encountering quickly and easily.  To schedule a time for a procurement counselor to assist you, please contact the Wyoming PTAC.  Have your TPIN and DUNS numbers ready if at all possible (if you can’t find them, our procurement counselors can assist you with that, too).


For more information on CCR login procedure changes, please visit or call the Federal Service Desk at 866-606-8220.


Natasha Stahla


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