It's That Time Again

May 02, 2013

Way back when before I worked for a non-profit, I disliked taking surveys. What is it about surveys? Probably there are many reasons: 

•    Time- anything beyond 5-8 minutes is probably not going to get a response.
•    Privacy-why do they need this information and what are they going to do with it?
•    Repercussions-if I don’t respond in a positive manner will there be a consequence?
•    What’s in it for me? Sometimes there are incentives to complete surveys (i.e. coupons, money, free products, etc.) and sometimes it is just out of the goodness of your heart.

I think surveys have been overdone in the past and that could be another reason for our hesitation.  I recently read the average response rate for surveys is 10-15%; seems pretty dismal. This makeStaff photos debbie recd 8 18 10 mediums our job to receive needed information very challenging.

So here it is-It is that time again, when we and all SBDC's send out the annual Chrisman survey. We randomly select a certain number of clients who have received five or more hours of counseling from one or more of our team of advisors and market researchers. 

We are genuinely interested in your response. There are several questions pertaining to the quality of service you received from Wyoming Entrepreneur SBDC, MRC & PTAC. If you were happy with our service, tell us! If we can improve our service, tell us that too.

There are also several questions pertaining to your business statistics; also known as impacts. We want to know if our counseling services provided positive impact for your business.  All responses are anonymous and will be kept strictly confidential.  All responses are compiled and analyzed by a third party researcher. The best news, it should take only about five minutes to complete!

Through the years I have been involved in several surveys and understand the angst of the person being surveyed, but also compassion for the surveyor.  Funders, stakeholders and the general public want to know what is the ROI or return on investment with the money received. Thus, gathering impact and performance feedback is valuable information for us.

So, if you were one of the lucky recipients to receive a survey and you have already completed it and mailed it back, Thank You! If you haven’t completed the survey, please take five minutes. We appreciate your time and effort!

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