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The Most Important Thing About Business

Jul 19, 2013

Ok, I’m not sure there is any one thing that is the most important.  Because I come from a financial background, I tend to lean toward understanding the financial side of the business.  Others might say marketing.  However, I think the single most important factor in any business, large or small, is COMMUNICATION!


When you think about it, we communicate in all facets of our business; with vendors or suppliers, customers, employees, equity or funding partners, and so on.  This dialogue can of course take many forms. It might be in writing, a radio ad, phone call, internal memo or e-mail (or more often these days a text message), or the old fashioned face-to-face conversation.  It might be our web site, Facebook page, Twitter feed, or newspaper copy. But however we are communicating, it’s very important that we project the image and professionalism that is expected.  With all the messages we are bombarded by daily, getting our message heard is often hard, but critical.


So, what if writing or communication is not your strong suit?  I suggest that you have someone that is good at it, and understands what you are trying to say, review your text prior to publishing or hitting “Send”.  This might be overkill for some things and you will need to make that call, but it could be very important and possibly even cause or contribute to the failure of a business if done poorly.  Even if you are pretty good, a second opinion or set of eyes is not a bad idea.  I use this approach quite often myself.


What is your method for ensuring that your communication comes across the way you want it to?


Bruce Morse


Bruce Morse

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