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Need another life? A Second Life perhaps?

Jul 28, 2009

One of my favorite movies is Multiplicity starring Micheal Keaton.  His character is a general contractor with too many irons in his life's fire.  So, he has himself duplicated.


When I first saw Dwight Shrute demonstrating Second Life on one of The Office episodes I was quite intrigued and investigated since it seemed to be a bit like the Multiplicity movie: having an additional "me."  (I have inserted a photo of my avatar below which by the way, can fly).


Second Life is a website that allows visitors to create an avatar (a little cartoon character) that moves around and explores places in virtual worlds.  The avatars can interact with each other through text and, through audio.


Sounds silly or ridiculous even?  Consider this: Wikipedia reports that at least 300 universities worldwide are now teaching classes in Second Life.  Harvard and Princeton both have campuses (as do several others).


There is much more to say about Second Life, but from a broad perspective, it has allowed people to have synchronous encounters using this communication tool.  And, it really is quite fun.


Recently, I joined a group of educators that conducts assessment in Second Life.  They held a conference that had over 2,500 people attend and...the conference took place entirely in Second Life.


So what does this have to do with Wyoming small business owners?  Well, the world of communication is changing quickly (although not always advancing) and this is something a business owner should at least be aware of considering this could become a significant sales channel for Wyoming small business owners, in time.


And, Wyoming Entrepreneur (that's us) plans to create a place in Second Life to hold classes and counsel clients, although we will continue with our traditional counseling as well.


Interested?  Visit for a free account although unlike Mutiplicity, you can only have one life at any given moment.  But beware, smut has also found its way in, so avoid the so-called "mature" sites if you want to avoid this.


Mark Atkinson


Please note that the content of the blog post above is obsolete.  Wyoming Entrepreneur experimented with Second Life for several years, but no longer maintains a presence on Second Life.  

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