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Not Good Service, Not Great Service, But STELLAR Service

Oct 06, 2011

On a recent shopping trip I encountered stellar customer service.  Not just good service, but STELLAR service – service good enough to write about.  I keep thinking about how this excellent service made me part with a lot more money than I normally would and how happy I am about it!  Here’s the scoop…


First I have to start off by saying that I hate to shop…for anything, but especially for clothes.  I’ve never had a knack for putting outfits together or for knowing what colors look good on me, or even for knowing what’s in style.  I usually go into a store, try something on, hate it and leave.  My recent experience with STELLAR customer service changed that typical M.O.


The STELLAR service started off by a friendly clerk asking, “How can I help you?”  I told her I was looking for an outfit, business casual, not a dress and that I hate to shop.  She showed me a few options to get a bead on what I like, set me up in a dressing room and then started bringing me A LOT of clothes to try on.  But here’s where it gets good.  She left me alone to try things on but checked back and brought a few more things that she thought I might like.  And she gave me good advice about what looked good, what could fit better in a different size, and how I could change a few things out and create several outfits.   She gave me advice on what should be tucked in, what shouldn’t be tucked in, how to make a summer top work into the winter.  She worked hard to find things that I liked.  And like them I did!  I ended up spending $365 on some great clothes that I’m happy with and I wear a lot.


That’s not the end of the story though.  I had such a good experience that four months later I went back to that store and found the same clerk and told her how much I appreciated her help and asked her to help me with another outfit.  She remembered me, and even remembered what I had purchased months earlier and helped me find some new things and gave me ideas to make the new stuff work with my earlier purchases.  I ended up spending over $500 on clothes!  And again was happy to part with my money.


The customer service was the key to my happy shopping experience.  The clerk was helpful but didn’t badger me.  I didn’t feel pressured to buy but wanted to buy.  I felt like the clerk was being honest because she told me what didn’t look good as well as what did.  She obviously had been trained well and knew what she was doing.  I hope she made a commission on the sales and I can guarantee that when I have a chance I will seek that store out and ask for that specific clerk.  And part with some more money!


Submitted by guest blogger, Leah Bruscino, NW Regional Director, Wyoming Business Council

Category: Marketing

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