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Print Postage from your Computer

Mar 30, 2009

Online merchants or anyone else that sells often on the internet, may do well to consider using a a postage printing service like Endicia (pronounced en - dee - sha).  There are many others out there, and I can’t say which is best, but this will give you an idea of what to look for.


Remember the postage meters of yesteryear?  This is not so difference except you can use your computer.  To start with a service like this, you open the account, order the equipment and then purchase a certain amount of postage.  When you want to send a package, you will use the software you downloaded.  The amount of postage is determined by the weight, dimensions of the package, and where it’s going, no new information there.


Endicia monthly plans go from free, to between $9.95 and $34.95 for paid plans.  Of course, the more you pay for the plan, the more inclusive the services.  For instance, the free plan only allows for domestic, first-class shipping and the like and you still need to buy the printer and scale.  You can also buy packages that include necessary equipment.  The packages start around $249 and include the following:


What you get in your package is:

  • account (varies)
  • label printer
  • labels
  • postal scale


WATCH VIDEO to see how the system works.  And, go HERE to see a comparison of Endicia monthly plans.


So why consider such a service?  It is more inclusive than simply going to USPS and printing from there.  But, if you are selling on eBay, you can print on regular paper in your printer when shipping items sold.


Food for thought and happy online selling (and shipping).


Mark Atkinson

Tags: Online Sales
Category: Ecommerce

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