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PSP - Personally Subtle, Globally Significant

Jul 05, 2009

So what is your PSP?  Well first, what the heck is a PSP?  I attended the “Building a Culture of Sustainability” presentation by Judah Schiller of Saatchi and Saatchi S at the 2009 SHRM conference; great conference BTW.  I learned that PSP is a “grassroots effort” to encourage employees to incorporate sustainability into their personal lives.  This strategy recognizes that change begins at home with ideas that have a personal benefit to individuals, subtle things that make them happy like saving money or personal well-being.


Personal Sustainability Practices / Projects or PSP is a vehicle for helping employees become “healthier and happier” by adopting a small action that brings sustainability and benefits into that individual’s life.  For example, swapping out traditional incandescent light bulbs for Energy Star light bulbs (money savings) or riding your bike (I do that!) or walking to work (health benefits) rather than driving a vehicle.  These are little things that can easily be modeled or encouraged and even rewarded by an employer.   It’s not uncommon for these simple personal practices to mushroom into bigger ideas for the employee’s organization – one Wal Mart employee asked if the vending machines had to have the lighted fronts?  This simple question sparked the removal of the bulbs from the machines saving a boat-load of energy and of course, big bucks for Wal Mart!  Imagine what creative ideas your employees might have!


Help your employees (or your employer) “connect to a higher purpose; one that involves themselves, your co-workers, your family, your community, and your planet!”  Share your PSPs with us. 


Learn more at Strategy for Sustainability and watch a cool 1.5 minute video or get details at What is the Personal Sustainability Project?


Jill Kline

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