Register your business with the WY. Department of Employment - even if you don't plan on hiring employees NOW

Nov 04, 2011

One of the best kept secrets to businesses in Wyoming is the Wyoming Department of Workforce Services, Workforce Development Training Fund program ( The program may be able to assist new and existing businesses by providing up to $2,000 per employee (owners are considered employees) per fiscal year for established businesses who need a skill upgrade or retraining. The program may also provide between $1,000 and a maximum of $4,000 per employee per fiscal year for new or expanding businesses, depending on the employee's full-time status and wage amount.


In order to register the business and submit an application for a grant, businesses must be in good standing with the Wyoming Department of Employment, Unemployment Insurance and Workers’ Compensation. The business must complete the “Joint Application Form” with the Department of Employment ( prior to applying for a grant, regardless of entity type (sole proprietor, LLC, Corporation, etc.), even if the business has no employees (this can take 2 weeks to process). A business currently registered with the Wyoming Department of Employment does not need to re-register in order to apply for a Business Training Grant.


Time is of the essence when applying for a grant. The program provides a date calculator at ( )under “What do I need to know about preparing an application.” This will let applicants know when an application can be submitted based on the start date of the training. Applying one day late can make the difference between receiving the grant or not.

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