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Reignite your passion by creating a "bucket list" for your business

Jan 06, 2011

January is the perfect time for a little introspection.  You have probably considered personal changes you’d like to make in 2011.  Eating healthier, exercising more, and spending more time with your family are all popular New Year’s resolutions.  However, the trouble with resolutions is that they tend to be things we think we should do, not things we are passionate about.  So this year, instead of resolutions, create a bucket list for your business. 


First, ask yourself: is your business still on your bucket list?  If you are bounding out of bed each morning, thanking your lucky stars that you are on your way to your little coffee shop, where you offer the best coffee and scones for a hundred miles and your regulars feel like family, it’s an easy question to answer.  However, if you opened a restaurant ten years ago because you love to cook, but these days you are putting in long hours resolving challenging employee issues, negotiating with vendors, and doing paperwork rather than creating inspiring tasting menus, you may need to look a little deeper.  If you’ve learned all you can from your venture, developing an exit strategy and moving on will open a bright, wide-open space in your life for thrilling new adventures.


If your business is still deeply meaningful, but is just no fun anymore, try coming up with at least three business-related things you’ve always wanted to do  – your business bucket list.  It’s amazing how the audacious act of taking pencil to paper can transform something from a crazy idea into a possibility.  Anything goes on a bucket list.  Here are three ideas to get you started:

• Meet one of your business heroes.  It’s not as impossible as you might think!  Book a flight to a conference where they will be speaking, plan a vacation in a community where their book tour has a stop, or work with others to invite them to speak in Wyoming.  

• Attend a conference or industry event that has always appealed to you, like the 2011 GRO-Biz Conference & Idea Expo that will be held in Evanston February 22-24.  Who knows what opportunities might come from being in the right place at the right time?

• Pay it forward by inviting a young person who is interested in your industry to shadow you for a day or a week, or create a summer internship for them.  Their enthusiasm will be contagious; you just might remember the reasons you wanted to become a plumber/veterinarian/engineer in the first place.


Seems like there’s a Facebook application for everything these days, and this is no exception.  To create a business bucket list and share it with others, checkout the Facebook bucket list app!


What's on your business bucket list in 2011?

Amy Lea

Category: Business Planning

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