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May 11, 2009

As some of you may already know - I really Like vacations and planning vacations.  This summer, we are heading to Alaska.  After spending several frustrating weekend mornings trying to figure out how to format this trip, I accidentally arrived at "The Place" (and . . . I'll let you know if this is truly "the place" after our trip in August).  I got into a conversation with the proprietor about how he advertises, as I only found the lodge through a link on a rather obscure outdoors website.  He explained to me that he spends around $10,000/year on a sponsored Google ad, which fills-up all of his cabins all summer annually.  He does essentially no other advertising.  So . . . to all the Wyoming tourist folks, this might be a good (albeit somewhat expensive) medium to try. 

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Cindy Unger

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