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Success?? When can I dare to say my business is successful?

Oct 19, 2012

It's that time of year when Wyoming takes the opportunity to showcase our awesome entrepreneurs who have accepted the challenge of opening their own businesses across the state by sharing “Success Stories” in the upcoming annual WEDA (Wyoming Economic Development Association) publication. As we invite our clients to share their stories, they often say, “Give me a little more time. I’m not sure I fit into the Success category just yet.”  My response? “Success comes in many forms. The bottom line of your financial statements only tells a fraction of your story.” Every time an individual steps out on the edge, takes a leap of faith that they can sell their product or service and begins down the path of entrepreneurship…another Success has been charted. Whatever the reason or dream that initiates that journey, we see passion and excitement of people who are following and nurturing their dreams. The follow-through that transforms a dream to reality is the very foundation of Success.


One successful Wyoming entrepreneur began his career by working for a local electric company, but knew he and his wife could build their own business by taking their experience and creating a positive customer experience for their own clients.  The business has been open for less than a year, but is growing steadily by word-of-mouth, website presence, and superior workmanship. Now he is able to drop his young daughter off at school, they are expanding the scope of their projects, and are learning time management, bookkeeping and scheduling, in order to grow the business to the next level!


Take a moment to ask yourself, “What makes my business successful? What am I able to do in this business that gives me great joy? How am I sharing my success with customers, employees, family and friends?


Your answers will set your business apart from your competition and will clarify your goals. As we approach the Thanksgiving season, take time to consider and express your appreciation to those who have encouraged and believed in you as you moved forward… and consoled you when your business roadmap took an unwanted turn.  Are you picturing the faces of your family, your banker, your customer, your employees, and your suppliers? I dare to say, “You have an enthusiastic audience on the sidelines, applauding your courage and your Success!”

Susan Jerke

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