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Tips for Selling to the Government

Jan 07, 2010

I took my very compact and very cool Flip video camera to last year’s GRO-Biz conference in Cody and captured on film some great ideas for breaking into the huge government market. Here are a few of the tidbits offered by the experts presenting last February—and a taste of what is coming up at the tenth annual GRO-Biz Conference Feb. 16-18, 2010 in Laramie. (GRO-Biz PTAC Conference)

Jeff Sneddon Supervisory Contract Specialist, Yellowstone National Park said, “First of all you need to get registered in Central Contractor Registry (CCR). That’s a requirement for us and everyone else. Once you have taken that step and set up a profile of your business explaining what you do, then we can give you an opportunity to bid on things.”

Michael Kleine, Principal Acquisition Advisor from Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California emphasized communicating specifics when marketing your company to an agency. Generic brochures don’t do the trick, “If you’re a systems engineering company, don’t just say you do systems engineering in a bunch of disciplines. Explain specifics—for example say that for the Army Corps of Engineers you had a particular problem, this is how you approached it, this is how you gathered your resources and you had a satisfied customer. If you’ve had repeat customers or other government contracts, mention that, too.”

Anthony Root, Small Business Specialist, Ellsworth Air Force Base, Rapid City, SD offered these short and punchy bits of advice: “Provide a good product, within cost, at the right time and you’ll never go wrong. Also, be patient and persistent. There’s a lot of paperwork, but once you get through all the paperwork and get signed up, then you’re going to start making some money.”

Arlene Kinder, Customer Service Director, Federal Acquisition Service, GSA, Colorado Springs, CO introduced a method for gaining a competitive edge when marketing to the government: Go Green. “If you have any energy efficient or green attributes —such as offering recycled products, bio-based, FEMP, Energy Star products, this can give you an advantage. The government is mandated by their executive orders to buy only those products and services that help to create an environmentally friendly government and society.”

These are just a few of the ideas I captured on film. See the full video on YouTube. Don’t miss the action coming up in February—register now for GRO-Biz PTAC 2010 sponsored by the Wyoming PTAC and Senator Enzi.


Diane Wolverton


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