Trends For 2009

Jan 22, 2009

By now, we're probably all tired of hearing about the state of the economy. Yep, it's bad, we get it. But for aspiring entrepreneurs, one of their biggest questions is what type of businesses are "recession proof"?


Entrepreneur Magazine has published a list of "2009 Trends to Watch" which outlines a few different types of businesses that are currently either hot or are managing to weather the storm for the time being. For instance, they estimate that online retail sales will rise 17% this year to over $200 billion, with apparel, computers, and autos leading the way. Ok, so not every entrepreneur has the resources or the desire to sell cars. But that doesn't change the fact that online sales are still going strong.


Among the other potentially successful business ideas for the next year are environmental services and alternative fuels (think green), health care services, IT and technological services, and credit and debt management services. 


If you want to keep up with current trends and innovative ideas, consider following sites like Trend Hunter and JWT Intelligence. Both sites have worldwide trend watchers that compile information on the latest innovations and ideas and offer forecasts for what's coming next.


What other business ventures may be able to handle the current economic climate?

Brett Housholder

Tags: Trends
Category: Business Planning

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