The Unfamiliar Territory of Building a Website

Jan 11, 2013

There are two main options for getting a website.  You can build your own using an online site building tool or you can hire someone to build it for you.  Either way, you should start by educating yourself about websites. 


You can hire a web developer to design a nice site with great graphics but none of that will matter if your customers can’t find you on the internet. Some of the free site-building tools are also laden with images.  They may look nice, but those images use up valuable space where you could be explaining to your customers why they need your product.  Search engines don’t see graphics; they only read the written content.  While images do serve a purpose, you must strike a balance.


When considering a website, you want to focus on two things; usability and content.  Starting with the usability part, get online and start looking at websites. What do you like about the navigation? Are there just too many clicks to sort through or can you find what you want quickly?  Do you like the site's basic layout?


Now, start thinking about your content.  What will be the goal of your site?  The goal becomes important when you start to consider the direction that your content will take.  Each page on your site should be developed around its own theme and will have its own set of keywords that will connect to customer searches on the internet.


Content is becoming increasingly important as businesses compete for customers as well as search engine visibility.  Customer optimization, or writing for customers, should always come before search engine optimization.  After all, search engines don’t buy products, customers do.  Write your content with customers in mind and then go back and insert keywords and phrases into the text that you think searchers will be typing into the search engine box.  The goal is to build a relationship between the search engines and your customers through the use of content and keywords.


Considering the look and content for your website is a good exercise in thinking about the face of your business.  How do you want customers to see you?  No-cost assistance is available to help you sort all this out.  Contact the Wyoming Market Research Center.   307-766-5405 

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