Web Optimization Linking Strategies

Aug 19, 2009

Search engines use a method of indexing to organize the billions of web pages that exist in cyberspace.  They would all like to show up on the first 3 pages of search engine results competing for those top spots.


Search engines send out indexing “robots” that scan the pages looking for link popularity, keywords, page titles and descriptions.  According to a survey of 37 leaders in the world of organic search optimization, link popularity has the highest search ranking factor.


Linking strategies are critical because they give search engine spiders different ways of getting to your website, thus increasing your visibility.  It is like having several back doors to your home.  The indexing bots look at the quality as well as the quantity of these links that you are connected with.  The more important these links are, the better your site will look to indexing bots.


Increase your link popularity by putting your site on reputable search engines and business directories that will generate hits to your URL.  Have organizations or associations related to your business link to you.  Do you use a large national supplier for your products that could link to you?  How about your local chamber or tourist bureau?  All of these linking strategies will help drive traffic to your site.


Elizabeth Parks, Wyoming Market Research Center

Category: Web/Tech

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