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Web Sites and Social Media

May 17, 2010

As people become more enthused with social media like Facebook, Twitter, and a whole host of others, more and more business owners are asking if they should be using it.  Many don't even seem to be getting much good out of their web site.  Far be it from me to claim to be an expert on social media, but I dabble a bit here and there and have worked with several clients that use it very well.


First of all, let me address the web site.  Again, I'm no expert but I know what I like when I'm the consumer using a company's or organization's site.  One of the things that turns me off is one that doesn't look professional.  Yes, you can use an inexpensive template and build a do-it-yourself site, but it will likely look like it.  Especially annoying are ads for other companies that are in the top banner or right hand column.  I generally don't trust these and will leave quickly.  Another disappointment for me is if the information has not been updated.  If you truly want a web presence, you have to be able to dedicate some time to keeping it up to date.  While most experts indicate it is important for a company to have a web site, there is some evidence that suggests it is better not to have one then to have one that makes your business look bad.  I recently had a conversation with a local economic developer who was working with a client who lamented that they couldn't afford to build a really good, professional looking web site, yet this business relied almost entirely on the internet for their sales.  They have to find a way to allocate enough resources toward their web presence or they will continue to struggle.


The same theory holds true for the new social media craze.  Good coordination with Facebook, Twitter, maybe a Blog and your web site can drive lots of traffic to your business, but not if you simply throw it up and forget about it.  While it may be an inexpensive form of marketing, it is not "free".  You will need to allocate your time to making this happen and presenting the proper image to the public.  One of my clients that does this well spends two hours every day keeping her on-line tools current.  So while it seems like you have to jump on this bandwagon, I would reconsider if you don't have the time to do it right.

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Bruce Morse

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