Website Drudergy; Are you willing to change?

May 18, 2012

Websites are a real hot topic these days because they are your word of mouth, your advertising and your customer service all rolled into one. They are really a new model for management. The trouble is they are always changing. We used to build things to last, now we build things to change. We have to listen to customers and be willing to change to meet their needs. Google Gerry McGovern and read his Web Experience: From Built to Last to Built to Change article. Gerry is an international author and consultant on the subject of content management.


The old style of reading from left to right on a webpage is not how people view web pages anymore. Customers don’t read; they scan. They look at headings and subheadings first; they scan for hyperlinks, numerals, and keywords. They jump around, scrolling and clicking and their fingers never far from the browser’s “Back” button. Customers are very impatient these days.


The number one design principle for websites is simplicity. A website should be designed to make life easier for the reader to find content and then make it easy for them to read that content. The goal is to get the right content to the customer as quickly as possible.

If the content on your pages is scattered and poorly formatted, you have poorly named headings or if your content contains lots of fluff that makes it hard for customers to find information, they might just pass you by.


I talk to a lot of people about their websites, both businesses and web developers. The underlying problem I see from talking to business people is that they don’t really understand that they are ultimately responsible for the content on their website. Web developers really don’t know your business and will most likely not know how to market it for you. They don’t usually don’t have time to study up on the keywords, content and backlinks specifically related to your site. They will design a site for you, but YOU are responsible for giving them the content. You are responsible to provide them with keywords, titles and descriptions for your pages. Your images, videos, links and social media are all included in your marketing strategy. You need to take a proactive approach to site and tell them how you want to be represented on the web. So, if customers can’t find you, take a good hard look at your website and see where it could be improved. The Wyoming Market Research Center is here to help you with that process.

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