Website Management - a balancing act

Oct 29, 2009

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization is the buzz term for increasing website visibility.  SEO is usually about keywords, descriptions and titles for websites.  But they can’t work like they are supposed to if they are used in a website with a poor foundation. 


A website has to be balanced.  Think of it like a pyramid with your Home page at the top.  The next level down could be the About, Contact and Articles pages.  Review your article pages often.  Outdated articles throw your site off balance and make it harder for people to find the pages that you really want them to find.  Your site organization has to make sense to the user; make the information that you want them to find easily accessible. 


 If you are using a web analytics program to monitor your pages (such as Google Analytics), you will be able to see which of your pages are being viewed the most.  Are you making visitors dig to find your most popular pages?


Linking strategies are also an important part of this pyramid.  Cross-links that lead people on a goose hunt throw your site off balance and frustrate users.  A navigation scheme that starts at the top and allows users to drill down to the intended page is a much better approach. 


A good SEO strategy is to build the site so that both users and search engines can find your content.  Some of my thoughts are based on an interesting article titled, Intelligent Site Structure for Better SEO by Joost DeValk, October 2007.  I recommend it.

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