Where Do I Purchase State and Federal Forms to Start My Business? John, Jackson, Wyo.

Nov 04, 2009

How many times do new business owners come to me AFTER paying for State and Federal Forms to start their businesses? I’m talking about fill-in blank, federal and state forms. These entrepreneurs want to make sure they are in compliance and doing everything necessary to correctly start their business. They search the internet and find sites that charge for State and Federal “free forms”. Sound like an oxymoron “charging for free forms”? It is!!!! So what should the fledgling business owner do?? As a general rule “FORMS ARE FREE”!!! How do you know which forms you need and where to find them? If you’re like me, I find it easier and more beneficial to have someone in the know, show and explain something to me rather than spending time “interpreting” information I haven’t a clue about. So where do you find that expert and how much is that going to add to your start-up costs? The answer is (The Wyoming Small Business Development Center) where business assistance is only a click and a call (307-382-0947) away. Our small business advisors are free and confidential. They offer a medley of expertise from business planning, e-commerce strategy, doing business with the government and YES – even which forms to file and how to obtain them for free! The next time you need information about starting and growing a business give us a click – .

Category: Entrepreneur

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