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Windows 7 or Not?

Mar 30, 2010

Since filing for divorce with Apple several years ago (I gave them another chance recently, reinforcing the divorce decision), I have used quite a few versions of Windows  They include but are not limited to ME, 98, 2000, 95, XP and the infamous VISTA.  About 2 months ago I loaded Windows 7.


Some of the features of 7, as touted on Wikipedia include: "faster booting, Device Stage,Windows PowerShell, less obtrusive User Account Control, multi-touch, improved window management, home group networking, multiple thumbnails for combined taskbar buttons, and better power management for notebooks."


Beyond the official hype, my experience has been very good.  Primarily, the stability and reliability of 7 is better than any operating system I have used.  There is one issue I have noticed though with regard to stability, and that is using Internet Explorer with 7.  For some reason, I get an error window asking me if I want to close the program.  I simply click on the little red X at the top right of the window and keep on truckin' with no further problem.


Windows 7 seems to have solved all of the incompatibility issues I had with printers and other peripherals, when using VISTA.  Also, the user interface is very nice and well organized.


I give two thumbs up for Windows 7 with one caveat, and this is don't use the upgrade, but rather do a full install and here's a secret, you can pay less for the upgrade and do the full install, since you have the option for both when buying the upgrade.


What do you think of 7?  Want to defend Apple?  Leave comments about either or both!


Mark Atkinson

Category: Web/Tech

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