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Jun 11, 2010

One of the services we offer at the Wyoming Entrepreneur Market Research Center is website optimization.  The reason why we offer this service is that although websites are supposed to function as marketing tools, they often miss the mark. 


As I review websites, one of the biggest problems that I see is that there is too much unorganized, meaningless content on pages.  Paragraphs that go on and on about nothing are the worst culprit.  Customers scan web pages like they scan billboards while they are driving 70mph on the highway. They read only about 20% of what’s on a page so it’s important to give them what they want in easy-to-scan, bulleted sentences.   It’s the WWIIFM adage.  What’s in it for me? 


People are landing on your website for a reason.  They need information or products, so give them what they need.  Don’t chase them off with unnecessary, hard to read dribble.   If you simplify things for them, they will respond positively. 


Read over the content on your pages.  They should be developed around a theme.  They should have a goal.  What is it that you want people to glean from this page?  Once you have developed your theme, then think about what kind of words that people will be typing into the search box to find this type of information and include them in the text that is on this page. 


Google AdWords has a free keyword tool that can be very helpful in this area.  Experiment by putting words into the AdWords search box.  Study the phrases searchers are using to find this type of information.  Once you have selected your theme, start writing.  Keep in mind content should reflect what it is you can do for customers or needs you can fill, not just a description of your products and services. 


This same strategy should be applied to any articles that you write for your pages.  Give people concise, useful information that will make you shine as an expert in your field.  If you use someone else’s article, don’t just paste it into your page.  Synthesize it by taking the most important points out of it and summarize them.  Then link to the full article giving full credit to the original author.


Internet users are becoming savvier at searching for exactly what they want. They are getting better at using specific search terms and therefore, they are relying less and less on home pages to direct them where they need to go.  People are landing on internal pages of websites more often. Statistics show that home pages are being by-passed as Google searches take users directly to the pages they want.  This is just one more reason for developing themes and keywords around your pages.  Having well-developed pages makes it easier for searchers to find you.

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