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Marketing to Millennials

Marketing to Millennials can be frustrating...but it doesn't have to be. Learn how to reach this important market.
Copyright © 2013 University of Wyoming   Marketing to millennials (in the 18 – 34 age range) has both occupied and frustrated the minds of many advertisers and marketers…

Export Readiness

Export readiness evaluates company capacity, resources, and products to support international sales.
Copyright © 2013 University of Wyoming Many times a company becomes an accidental exporter in that the company receives an international order for a product and struggles…

Budgeting for 2015

Now is the time to begin budget planning for 2015.
Copyright © 2013 University of Wyoming October is National Strategic Planning Month, so it is also a great time to incorporate a budget as part of that process.  We are…

FAST Program

Wyoming Entrepreneur Small Business Development Center is offering its FAST (Federal and State Technology) program for businesses and individuals with innovative ideas and projects.
Copyright © 2013 University of Wyoming   The FAST Program The Wyoming SBDC Network in conjunction with the University of Wyoming SBIR/STTR Initiative (WSSI) are providing…

Purpose of the SAM Registration

An inside look at the System for Award Management (SAM), registration and it's purpose.
Copyright © 2013 University of Wyoming   The System for Award Management is the main database for the U.S. Federal Government to collect, validate and store data from…


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