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Wyoming's Growing Tech Sector

Market researcher Nicholas Giraldo lists all the tech-centered events around the state and how they may be the signs of a growing tech sector in Wyoming.
Copyright © 2013 University of Wyoming   A growing tech sector is starting to take root in Wyoming with startup competitions, hackathons, and technology summits…

Preparing Your Small Business to Receive Grant Money

Kelly Haigler Cornish explains how to apply for federal grant money through the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) programs.
Copyright © 2013 University of Wyoming   Every year, the federal government provides $2.5 billion in funding to help innovators bring their ideas to market. Last year…

The Gig Economy in Wyoming

MRC Program Manager Mike Lambert explains how Wyoming businesses can use new technologies and the emerging "gig economy" to grow their business.
Copyright © 2013 University of Wyoming   If the terms “gig economy” or blockchain payment solutions” do not make sense, then you’re not alone. Most Wyoming small…

The Human Component of Cybersecurity

What are some basic protections that we all can implement to help fight computer security breaches?
Copyright © 2013 University of Wyoming Posted by Alec Muthig, University of Wyoming IT Training Program Manager. Our business and personal lives are becoming more…

Can 3D Printing be an option for small manufacturing runs?

3D printing looks to be the future of many types of manufacturing processes. As such, it is something you should be aware of and study closely.
Copyright © 2013 University of Wyoming 3D printing is the process of making a three-dimensional solid object of virtually any shape from a digital model.  The process is…

What effects do you think 3D printing will have on small business?

3D printing is set to have huge impacts on small business. It is being called the "next industrial revolution....where the intellectual, physical and digital worlds are converging."
Copyright © 2013 University of Wyoming According to Christne Furstoss of GE, “3D printing is at the heart of a major shift in the way businesses, educational…