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How Will Your Business be Impacted by an Economic Downturn?  


Contact any one the Wyoming SBDC Network's advisors for targeted assistance to help you get through this type of challenge.  Review with the Wyoming SBDC Network's Guide to Surviving an Economic Downturn to get started. 


Recorded Webinars


  • Using Market Research and Economic Gardening to Grow in a Changing Economy 

    As the state of Wyoming struggles with a changing economy, small business owners face a difficult task – growing their business in the middle of an economic downturn. To do this, small business owners not only have to manage the daily demands of running their business, they also have to set aside time to work on their business and understand where they stand in their local market and the overall industry. This is where the Wyoming Small Business Development Center’s Market Research Center can help.

    Join the MRC for a webinar on Thursday, June 22 at 2 PM as program manager Michael Lambert and researcher Nicholas Giraldo explain how market research data can help small business owners identify key insights and data about their industry, their customers, and their online presence. The MRC will also explain how a new economic development model called Economic Gardening can help business owners address existing challenges and identify new opportunities.

    In the end, participants will leave with a better understanding of how to use market research to adapt to a changing economy and how these insights can lead to new opportunities. If you missed this webinar you can see it here.

  • Rolling Forecasts in Action-with Review of Concepts & Sample Spreadsheets 

    In traditional budgeting businesses use past data and attempt to use that to forecast for the coming year. This can work well if costs, sales and margins are all the same as the past. But in times of fluctuating information, last year might not be a great predictor for the whole next year. Rolling forecasts based on key business drivers and project-based planning provide a framework for a better vision of the future which supports better decision making.

    Rolling forecasts allow business managers to consistently add new data into their process which makes for a more accurate picture in rapidly changing times. Join Carl Young, a nationally recognized author, speaker, trainer and coach as he makes accurate business forecasting simple and meaningful.

    This webinar will include a How-To for starting to use this process. Attendees will leave with an understanding of the concepts and tools to get started on their own including the following excel spreadsheets:

    • Rolling Forecast for Start Up Companies
    • Rolling Forecast Existing Companies
    • Cash Forecasting
    • General Business Guidelines 

If you missed this webinar you can view it here.


  • Make this Economy Start Working for You!MeridithPowell-250.jpg
    The webinar drew 61 registrants with more than 30 attending the event live.  Meridith Powell presented her topic  which gave an overview of what she has learned through many years of coaching companies through hard economic times all across the nation and what helped them the most.  The main takeaway from the webinar was the fact that this economy has shifted in general and the old methods of driving clients to your business don’t work anymore.  What works, according to Powell, is establishing strong relationships of trust and value. If you missed this webinar you can see it here

  • Is Federal Contracting a New Market for MY Business?
    In these times of economic change, maybe a new market is right for your business. The Federal Government is the world's largest consumer buying everything from paper goods to rockets. Let the procurement technical assistance team explain how you can sell to the state, local and federal government and create a new market for your business. If you missed this webinar you can see it here.
  • Digital Marketing Opportunities to Get Your Business on the Map In these times of difficult economic times, getting your business noticed on social media and other digital marketing methods is more important than ever.  If you missed this webinar you can see it here.

SBDC Receives $100,000 Portable Assistance Grant to Help Small Wyoming Businesses That Have Been Hit Hard by the State’s Economic Downturn

The SBDC received a $100,000 award for the Portable Assistance Grant from the Small Business Administration (SBA). “The Portable Assistance Grant will allow us to provide focused support to small businesses to help them improve their efficiency and to retool their strategies for a shifting market as necessary,” says Jill Kline, state director for the Wyoming SBDC Network. “We also will be able to provide much-needed information to displaced workers who may be considering the options of starting their own businesses and need that additional guidance to get them started.”  Full Story Here.