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Commercial Loan Assistance


Corporate_equity_debt_assets.jpgSeeking bank financing can be a stressful experience, especially if you are not prepared to answer tough questions about your business or are uncertain about what information is necessary to provide.  One of our specialists, a former commercial banker, can review your information and provide suggestions to help you present the most powerful case to the lender.  He can also discuss possible loan structures, how SBA guarantees work, or other possible funding options.



What you can do with Loan Application Assistance

Often times, lenders will refer clients to us for assistance, so why not just start here?  We will help you decide what to include in your application package, review your business plan and projections, and indicate any weak areas that a lender is likely to question.  Therefore you will be prepared to answer lender questions rather than be surprised.


A good loan application will normally include:

  1. A well thought-out, yet concise business plan.
  2. Financial projections for 3 years.
  3. If you have an existing business, historical financial statements for the past 3 years, including tax returns.
  4. Relevant attachments that will showcase the business or support the plan.
  5. Personal financial statements for the principal owners.
  6. A listing of collateral available to support the loan request.


While this is not an all-encompassing list, it includes the basic information that most lenders are looking for, but rarely receive initially.  By presenting this information at the first meeting, you will demonstrate that you are professional and well prepared.  While SBDC assistance is certainly no guarantee of success, it is likely to improve your chances of obtaining funding.


Ready for help?

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Loan Application Consulting:

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Regional Director
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