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Hiring your first employee is one of the most exciting and frightening experiences for any business.  Exciting in the fact that your business has grown to the point there is have enough volume to need extra help.  Frightening in the fact that you and your business are now financially responsible for someone else’s livelihood, keeping accurate records and staying in compliance with Federal and State agencies for proper payroll filing. 


Help is on the way.  

Simply download “Payroll – The Nuts & Bolts.”  The manual takes you step-by-step through registrations required of a Wyoming employer, providing links to the appropriate websites and sample forms.  There is a section that details what information you need to collect from your new employees, an explanation of how to deduct FICA and income taxes from a paycheck, and details about how and when to submit the taxes you owe to the government.  


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Download the Payroll Manual




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