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Profit Mastery 

A workshop dedicated to maximizing your earnings through a better understanding of your financials.

  • How does your business compare with others in your industry?
  • Will increasing your sales actually improve or worsen your financial outlook?
  • Do you think it’s possible to have an open and enthusiastic relationship with your banker, through better communication?

All of these questions and more can be answered by understanding your financials and listening to what they’re telling you. Our Profit Mastery Workshop does all this and more. It’s a fun and educational workshop structured specifically to understanding your financial information.


Workshop Benefits

Through our Profit Mastery workshop you can learn to:

  • Make better business decisions (should you increase prices, add staff, expand space or product?)
  • Improve your relationship with your lender through clear communication and knowledge of your financials and their value to you and the lender.
  • Work smarter with your accountant.

Presented by Certified Facilitators

Many of the Wyoming SBDC’s business advisors are Profit Mastery Certified Facilitators. We offer periodic workshops throughout Wyoming, or you can take it in a self-study format with guidance from one of our advisors.

This workshop is offered in a variety of formats (2 full days, 4 four-hour sessions, 6 three-hour sessions), depending on the location and class preferences, to give you in-depth knowledge of your financial information and use it to make better decisions.

How to Sign Up

To look for a Profit Mastery workshop in your area, check our schedule of classes, or contact one of our advisors. 

In addition, you may qualify for a Wyoming Workforce Development Training Fund grant to assist with the cost of attending the program.  Click on the logo below to visit:





 Mike Lilygren video testimonial. 


  • “Businesses are continuously searching for ways to improve and outperform the competition.  Profit Mastery provides an amazing opportunity for every business to unlock the mysteries of business finance and do just that.  Everyone who owns or hopes to own a business should take this course.”


  • “I so appreciated your expertise and the way the class was presented. It was nice to know that numbers can be fun and interesting!!”


  • “I have been telling all the business owners I know about the Profit Mastery course.  For my learning style, the intensive format worked well.  Bruce was an excellent facilitator, doing just that.  He helped attendees go through the material, engaged us in discussions, and generally clarified any points made in the videos.  I highly recommend this course to anyone who takes their business seriously and want to know more about finances work and what they might mean for your business’s future.”


  • “I would recommend this course to anyone in any industry, to better understand their own business and the way their business is viewed by others.”